Welcome to my Portfolio. I’m Blanca Brooke an internationally published photo model, born in the Czech Republic.  Here is a little more about me and also what you can expect from me at a shoot. I’m reliable, punctual and a not afraid of hard work.  I’m an outgoing and creative person and feel I can bring real value to the projects I participate in.  

I enjoy working on projects that are innovative & modern as well as working on well thought out projects with themes up to nude, nude art.  I like to work with photographers at all levels of experience.  In life we all are still learning and finding our way.  Experience is not always guaranteed to result in the perfect shoot.  I take great pleasure when working as part of a team when its working together to bring modern concepts and original ideas to life in each shoot.  

If you have an interested in working with me and would like to discuss your project in more detail please contact me for all the information you will need to make a booking.